Anji Jutai Machinery Co., Ltd.

                      Anji Jutai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the manufacture and sale of bamboo and wood flooring series machinery and equipment. The company produces "talent" brand mechanical products and is named brand-name products of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The "talent" brand is Zhejiang Huzhou City famous brand. Products are conventional, side pressure, pressure bamboo flooring, bamboo, wood reorganization of the floor, bamboo flooring and bamboo blinds, bamboo carpets, bamboo and other series of equipment. From the production of the embryo board to the mouth, sanding, paint finished plate production machinery, formed a set of floor water equipment, while providing users with plant planning, equipment installation and technical guidance and other support.


                      "Tianfu" brand mechanical products, was rated as a famous brand product in Huzhou City


                      The products have regular, flat pressure bamboo flooring and other equipment.


                      Products throughout the country more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions


                      Long-term cooperation with multiple logistics companies

                      Many honors——Witness the strength of Jutai


                      Keep up to date with our company news

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